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    The Self-propelled Modular Transporter (SPMT) is developed from the hydraulic combined trailer. The high-end product can realize the self-propelled function without any towing vehicle. It is comprised of power driven 4-axis transporter, 6-axis transporter and Prime Power Unit (PPU). The three modules can be mechanically connected, or freely positioned, transporting goods up to tens of thousands of tons. In 2008, Wanshan Company began to develop the self-propelled module vehicle. After 7-year development, SPMT has evolved into the mechanical lever and multi-mode steering series, including three types, the Vehicle Grade with 3 m wide and axle load of 36 tons, 2.43 m and axle load of 40 tons as well as 2.43 m and axle load of 48 tons. The products are widely applied to heavy-cargo logistics, shipping, chemical, steel structure and mining industries, etc. and the quality has reached the leading domestic level.

  • 1110t Tank Transportation

  • 1078t Tank Transportation

  • 900t Tank Transportation

  • 620t Tank Transportation

  • 1,500t liquid tank transport

  • 154-axis trailer transport of a 5,200t ship

  • 150m3 dredger transport

  • Transfer of a 500t ship in Vietnam

  • Transport of a 450t ship in Vietnam

  • Self-propelled Modular Transporter

  • Loading of 2,000t annular block on board

  • Zoomlion self-propelled transport

  • Combined transport with an overseas brand transporter

  • 2,236t over-sized equipment transport

  • 6-transporter combined transport of a 3,000t ship

  • Transport of an overseas workship

  • 4-transporter combined transport of fragmented hull

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