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The Company Successively Accomplishes the Delivery of 3 Ordered Products
Since August, the Company’s ordered products successively entered into the phase of assembly and delivery.
The Company Successfully Escorts the Transformer Transportation for New Customer
From July 25 to August 8, the Company provided transport escort service of a transformer weighing over 180 tons for a new customer from Harbin this year, spanning 5 cities with a whole journey of nearly 2,800 km. After a long trip of more...
Transportation of 3,300 t Marine Engineering Ship Completed Smoothly
On June 28, the customer employed the 100-axis module transporter manufactured by the Company to accomplish the transportation of a 3,300 t marine engineering ship. The slippery road for consecutive rainy days made the transportation more...
Module Transporter Delivered by the Company Successfully Debuted
From June 22 to June 26, the 32-axis module transporter delivered by the Company made its debut by transporting 4 chemical tanks from a dock to the destination 3 km away, the largest of which weighs up to 1,100 tons.
The Company Signs a New Order in Southwest
In June 2016, the Company received an advance payment of nearly 400,000 yuan from a heavy-cargo transportation company in Chongqing, signifying the official start of production of the hydraulic combined trailers worth nearly 4 million yua...
Another Trailer Order from Vietnam
After the kiloton shipyard transporter was successfully assembled on May 18,the Company has received an advance payment by a Shanghai company, representing a new contract for export of the new 8 axle trailer to Vietnam has become effectiv...
Media Focus on China’s First Kiloton Shipyard Transporter
At 10 a.m. May 18,2016, the company held a grand unveiling ceremony for China’s first kiloton shipyard transporter.
Kiloton Shipyard Transporter Builds a New Milestone in China’s Heavy-cargo Transportation
On May 18, 2016, the company rolled out the first indigenous kiloton shipyard transporter in China.
Wanshan Civil Products Appeared at Hubei Science and Technology Week
On May 19 2016, Wanshan showcased its models or display boards of civil products at the Safety Production Theme Day event.
WTW200B Heavy-Duty Shipyard Transporter Delivered to Customer
On May 11 2016, the WTW200B heavy-duty shipyard transporter was delivered to our customer in Yichang, Hubei Province.
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