Ws series commercial vehicle
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    The commercial vehicle manufactured by Wanshan Company, universal, standardized, market-oriented, incorporates three series, namely, truck, dump truck and tractor, and can be powered by diesel oil or LNG. It is suitable for lightweight road transport for coal and logistics service, intermediate transport under road conditions such as classified road, general road, mountainous road and construction site road, and medium and short-distance heavy-load transport for coal, sand and stone, pulverized iron, ore and so on, and further applicable to engineering operation, short-distance heavy-load transport, transport under poor road conditions and long and short-distance transport of various bulky articles. Incorporating overall optimization technology, lightweight and modular design technology, limit-exceeded operation reliability technology and complete vehicle anti-corrosion technology, the product is highly economic and has good reliability, suitable for a variety of special vehicle modifications.

  • WS1312GJ truck chassis

  • WS1311NJ truck chassis

  • WS1160NJ truck chassis

  • WS3311NJ dump truck chassis

  • WS3253NJ dump truck chassis

  • LNG tractor WS4250B

  • ws4250 semi-tractor

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