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Aftersales Service Management Procedure

    Purpose: implementing the principle of focusing on users, well carrying out a series of after-sales service activities and meeting the users’ requirements to the greatest extent as permitted by law.

    I. Description of main jobs

    (I) To receive and accept user inquiries and comments related to the company's products;

    (II) To deal with various types of user complaints and market complaints and give the first time feedback;

    (III) To accept all kinds of repair reports and make arrangement of technical personnel solve the problem reported in the first time;

    (IV) To promptly arrive at the site for troubleshooting;

    (V) To provide good custody to pre-sales and after-sales service files based on computers;

    (VI) To carry out regular aftermarket follow-up.

    II. Service procedures

    (I) When the after-sales service department receives a call or fax requesting for service from the user, a maintenance worker or technician shall be contacted to answer back the user; if the trouble cannot be solved via phone call, maintenance worker or technician shall be dispatched to the user’s site for onsite troubleshooting;

    (II) The service personnel shall bring After-sales Service Form with himself/herself if going out for after-sales service, record services in details and bring it back to the department for filing before the form is signed by the user for confirmation at the end of the service work;

    (III) If the failure is determined to be caused by the improper use by the user, it shall be fed back to the user as per relevant provisions and explain it to the user till the user accepts it.

    III. Service commitment

    (I) Warranty: as per the relevant provisions of the purchase and sales contract.

    (II) Replacement of spare part: during the warranty period, the Company shall provide free replacement on the user’s site for the damaged product caused by the part defects due to design, manufacture or procurement errors to ensure the normal operation of equipment; while after the warranty period, paid service will be provided as per the requirements of the user.

    (III) Response to fault report: if serious fault occurs to the hardware and software systems provided by the Company, for which the user is unable to remove, the user shall notify the Company immediately, while the Company shall give response within eight hours after receiving the fault report and send technical personnel to the customer’s site within 48 hours.

    (IV) Provision of spare parts: the Company shall keep adequate spare parts and accessories for timely provision of technical service and spare parts service to the user. The Company undertakes a lifelong spare parts and technical support to the equipment provided by it.

    IV. Guidelines of after-sales service behaviors

    (I) Basic qualities of service personnel: loyal and dedicated, well disciplined and hard-working, active in learning, ready to help, and with good communication skills.
Basic disciplines:

    ◆ Warm and thoughtful, rather than perfunctory when receiving an user;

    ◆ Treating all users equally without favoritism or discrimination;

    ◆ listening for the comments in a sincere and humble way without resulting in bickering;

    ◆ Performing own duties impartially; any bribery is prohibited;

    ◆ Implementing the rules and regulations in a serious way without any willful exception;

    ◆ Responsible to own duties, not buck-passing;

    ◆ Starting well and ending well in any matter rather than leaving things half done;

    ◆ Providing timely and decisive technical services rather than doing things sloppily;

    ◆ Learning to draw inferences about other cases from one problem;

    ◆ Dealing with problems honestly, never practicing fraud.

    (II) Service personnel are required to share unified service concept, unified service image and unified service behavior and actively establish and maintain the Company's brand image when performing services.

    a. Unified service concept

    ◆ Service mission: to ensure users’ satisfaction

    ◆ service concept: to protect the interests of users and maintain corporate brand image

    ◆ service objective: to give rapid response and ensure users’ satisfaction

    b. Unified service image

    ◆ All service personnel must be qualified for their posts with proper certificates after training.

    ◆ All service personnel shall wear overalls distributed by the Company and keep neatly dressed when at work.

    c. Unified service behavior by implementing four do’s and four don’ts

    Four do’s:

    ◆ First: to exchange the overall immediately after arriving at the service site.

    ◆ Second: to carry out troubleshoot and solve problems for the user within a shortest possible time.

    ◆ Third: to provide training related to product failure analysis and use and maintenance training to the user and clean up the site.

    ◆ Fourth: to acquire any comments and suggestions from the user on the products and services provided by the Company and fill out the After-sales Service Form according to relevant provisions.

    Four don’ts:

    ◆ Do not make any discontent or complaint before the user;

    ◆ Do not merely explain for the user but not doing any necessary troubleshooting, or direct the user to do by his/her own;

   ◆ Do not pass the buck to the user if the fault is indeed belongs to product quality problem; give patient and meticulous explanations, descriptions, and technical guidance to the user if such fault is caused by the improper use by the user;

     ◆ Do not do anything detrimental to the Company's image or violating the code of conducts of the Company.

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