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    As a large ground-based equipment manufacturer under the control of China Sanjiang Space Group, Wanshan Company is a designated automobile manufacturer included in a national plan and one of China's Top 500 largest mechanical engineering enterprises.

    Over the years, the Company has devoted itself to the building of core capability and the upgrading of development capability; till now, it owns over 2,000 units of various kinds of processing machineries, including 73 sets of large, key expensive, rare and precision equipment, more than 40 sets of CNC machining equipment represented by 8m CNC gantry milling and boring machine, 800-ton CNC bending machine (8 meters), CNC flame underwater plasma cutting machine, 15m CNC drilling center, and vertical and horizontal machining centers. Consequently, it has high manufacturing and quality assurance capabilities for large mechanical products, such as casting, forging, welding, gear cutting, machining, and chassis assembly and commissioning chassis.

    I. Manufacturing capabilities centered on heavy-duty off-road vehicle (chassis) assembly, overall commissioning and testing, and processing of large structural components and medium and large parts precision machining are developed.

    (I) CNC machining technology

    Through technological innovation, the Company has newly built a medium and large parts precision machining line represented by key chassis parts processing line for batch production; has been equipped with high-precision CNC machining equipment such as turning center (QUEST51), vertical machining center (VTC20B, KT1500V), horizontal machining center (MA-60HB), drilling center (ZH7332), CNC cylindrical grinder (H261), CNC spline shaft miller (YJK6012), CNC horizontal boring and milling machine (FK110), CNC wheel lathe (CK7963A) and CNC wire cutting machine, as well as high precision detection equipment such as coordinate measuring machine, tool setter and roughness gauge, and established a DNC network of CNC machine tools; based on the workshop rationalization demonstration projects and CAD/CAPP/CAM integration, has modified processing methods of core components and parts of heavy-duty off-road vehicles, resulting in more reasonable logistics; and has realized CNC machining and virtual manufacturing of all core components and parts of complete vehicle and chassis (including wheels and axles), improving processing efficiency and flexibility.

    (II) Large structures forming and welding technology

    Along with the technological innovation, the Company has transformed large structural component production lines, configured large structural component plate-welding and processing equipment including plate pretreatment production line, car frame riveting connecting production line, leveling machine (CDW43S), CNC hydraulic bending machine (WPE800/80), edge milling machine, CNC flame underwater plasma cutting machine, welding robot and welding insulation compartment as well as large mechanical processing equipment including 15m CNC drilling center and 8m CNC gantry boring and milling machine (XKA2125×80), accumulating rich experience in production and processing of large structural components. It realizes the full numerical control for the structural components of heavy-duty off-road vehicle from blanking, sheet pretreatment, bending and forming to welding, greatly improving the quality assurance in the whole process of structural components and meeting the requirements of heavy-duty off-road vehicle production.

    (III) Manufacturing technology of wheels, axles, transfer cases and other transmission components

    Through the technological transformation of wheel and axle assembly production line, the Company has newly built wheel and axle key parts and assembly parts processing production line, assembly line, detection line and loading test device, configured turning center (CTX500S2), heavy cutting vertical machining center (MA-650VB), horizontal machining center (MA-60HB), CNC end face cylindrical grinder (MKS1632×750), CNC vertical lathe (CK5116F), CNC drilling center (ZH7440), wheel and axle assembly line, wheel and axle idling test bed, wheel and axle loading test bed, wheel and axle high warehouse, as well as high-precision processing and testing equipment and special detection and testing equipment including roughness instrument, electronic pull testing machine, metalloscope and single arm measuring and marking instrument, improving processing capacity and quality for wheels and axles, the key supporting parts of heavy-duty off-road vehicle chassis, consummating the processing, assembly and testing methods of transmission parts such as transfer cases, wheels and axles, and extending the range of supporting parts and components of heavy-duty off-road vehicle chassis.

    (IV) Ferrous metal casting technology

    To meet the production requirement of heavy-duty off-road vehicle (including chassis), the Company has transformed the ferrous metal casting production line and increased the ferrous metal casting production area, and has equipped the plant with a 1T medium frequency induction furnace, bogie-hearth resistance furnace, shot blasting machine, sand mixer and wood-based processing equipment, and improved ferrous metal casting furnace analysis equipment and modeling detection equipment which guarantee an annual output capacity of 1,000 tons of castings. Meanwhile, the Company, after successfully solving several technical difficulties such as reducing casting weight and complex steel castings technology research, has mastered new technical processes such as insulation supplement and CO2 blowing and curing, ensuring the stability of ferrous metal casting and improving casting quality.

    II. Advanced product detection technology

    In recent years, the technological innovation and upgrading have brought the Company with advanced detection equipment in China, having the full-process product quality from incoming raw material and component control, precision dimension control during product processing, shape and position tolerance detection to assembly testing and complete vehicle test under effective control.

    In terms of incoming raw material and component detection, the plant has been equipped with advanced metal analyzers, metalloscope, electronic universal testing machine, sealing elements test bed, electrical components test bed, pneumatic components test bed, hydraulic components comprehensive test bed, etc.
In the processing control, the Company owns coordinate measuring machine, single arm three-dimensional measuring and marking instrument, gear parameter measuring instrument, universal measuring machine, coating thickness tester and so on, and equips itself with multiple advanced detection equipment such as real-time imaging detection machine, ultrasonic flaw detector, X-ray machine, magnetic powder detection machine.

    For material analysis, the Company has introduced in advanced physical and chemical detection equipment, including spectrometer, tensile testing machine and reading microscope, improving its detection capability in material applications.

    The testing equipment incorporates components and chassis assembly, commissioning, measuring and testing equipment and instruments and non-standard but special equipment. The test beds including wheel and axle idling test bed, wheel and axle loading test bed, transfer case test bed and chassis rain test bed have the chassis assembly quality during the whole process from parts and components to the last assembly, overall commissioning and testing under effective control, ensuring the performance of complete vehicle.

    III. Wide application of enterprise information technology

    Wanshan Company has greatly promoted the application of information technology in the design and manufacturing of special off-road vehicles. At present, the Company has constructed a local area network, completed the overall CIMS design for enterprise information technology application, widely applied CAD, CAPP, CAM, PDM, CAE and other software in product design and development and process design, and established a good cooperative relationship with many universities, companies and research institutes, based on which the Company has developed jointly or independently a number of software suitable for development and production of military products, and realized 3C integration (CAD/CAPP/CAM) and DNC network management of main CNC production workshop. On the other hand, it has advanced the applications of office automation and financial management, constructed two-stage Manufacturing Resource Management System (MRPII) across the Group, and carried out the coding standard system construction. Moreover, human resource management application has been done by cooperating with China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation. During the practice of IT application in recent years, the enterprise information technology has undergone a rapid development while a prototype of a digital enterprise has come into being, effectively improving management level and the quality of work, which demonstrates the role of effectiveness multiplicator of the information technology in research and production.

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