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     Wanshan series super-heavy-duty operator’s cab includes three basic types, namely: WSJ30SH, WSJ30DA and WSJ25SA. This series cab has reasonable overall layout, driving comfort and ergonomic design, environmental adaptability, large carrying capacity, mighty appearance and so on. It is formed by cold metal plate pressing and welding, with overall anti-corrosion treatment by phosphorized electrophoresis; the interior decoration features heat and noise insulation, and streamlined dashboard is equipped inside, simple and generous. It well meets the user’s requirements of serialization, combination and modular design.

    1. Three moldings namely with negative inclination, positive inclination and without inclination, two kinds of materials of metal and fiberglass for cab, and three different widths, 3m, 2.8m and 2.5m.

    2. Three different lengths, two-door and two-seat, four-door and four-seat and four-door and six-seat; Two maneuver options, left-side driving and right-side driving.

    3. Split air conditioner or integral air conditioner available inside the cab, and three heating options are available, i.e., fuel heating, water heating and electric heating.

    4. Electric and manual operation options of glass lifter are available; Mechanical vibration damping or air spring vibration damping to be equipped for cab seat.

  • WSJ30DA super-heavy-duty operator’s cab

  • WSJ25SA super-heavy-duty operator’s cab

  • WSJ30SH super-heavy-duty operator’s cab

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