High-mobility off-road vehicle
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    High-mobility off-road vehicle manufactured by Wanshan Company is developed to stop a gap in the production of medium and heavy-duty high mobility off-road vehicle in China. With high travelling speed and excellent mobility and cross-country ability, the overall performance of the complete vehicle is internationally advanced.

  1. High power pressure boost and water-cooling electric diesel engine, high-torque multi-speed mechanical transmission or hydraulic automatic transmission, dual-speed transfer case.

    2. Fixed driving axle or breakaway driving axle, equipped with wheel-side dual stage reduction mechanism.

    3. Large travel spiral spring independent suspension, car frame of slotted structure and made of high strength material.

   4. Tubeless regulating off-road radial tire, equipped with tire inflation and deflation system, pneumatic brake system with ABS system.

  • WS2250 High-mobility off-raod vehicle

  • WS2180 High-mobility off-road vehicle

  • WS2180A High-mobility off-road vehicle

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