Super-heavy special off-road vehicle
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    The super-heavy special off-road vehicle chassis developed and manufactured by Wanshan Company features super-heavy load capacity, multi-axle steering, all-wheel drive and high mobility, and has good overall performance, reasonable overall layout, high environmental adaptability and high loading capacity. It is suitable to operate under severe working environment, such as plateau area at altitude of more than 5000m and at the temperature range of -40℃ to +50℃.

    1. Breakaway driving axle, a variety of independent suspension structure,car frame with high section Z-shaped stringer of welded riveting structure,and ventilation system placed in the chassis ensures a wading depth of up to 1.2m.

    2. Off-road tires with ultra-low-pressure and wide section, equipped with inflation system, tire pressure adjustable.

    3. Mechanical transmission, and hydraulic power steering system, with emergency steering function.

    4. Braking system incorporating gas-oil brake and fully hydraulic brake; in addition to the service brake, emergency brake and parking brake, auxiliary braking devices such as downhill retarder and engine exhaust brake are equipped.

    5.Metal cab and fiberglass cab available for your choice.

  • Super-heavy special off-road vehicle

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