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    Wanshan Company, by virtue of its superior design development and testing capabilities and based on its market development and model development, has made a series of achievements and developed its own core technologies in the technical field of off-road vehicle transmission. Its automotive transmission gear is mainly divided into four categories, namely, main reducer, axle, transfer case and differential axle

  • Non driving balance trailer bridge

  • Electric vehicle bridge

  • 6 tons gate type rear drive axle assembly

  • Friction plate differential

  • 2.5 ton actuator

  • Series 2341 single stage non through type main reducer

  • Series 2441 double stage non through type main reducer

  • Series 2542 through type main reducer

  • Series 2582 double stage through type main reducer

  • Series 2381 double stage non through type main reducer

  • Series 2581 single stage main reducer

  • Series 2481 single stage main reducer

  • 3.5 ton actuator

  • Loader front drive axle

  • Loader drive axle

  • Loader rear drive axle

  • Limited slip type front drive axle assembly

  • Limited slip rear drive axle assembly

  • Gate type non-steering drive axle

  • Door type steering drive axle

  • Electronic limited slip differential

  • Tooth inlay type differential

  • Torsen differential

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